Why WordPress is the favorite CMS?


For most businesses WordPress is the favorite CMS. So what are those ingredients that make it the CMS of choice? We all know that choosing a CMS for a website is the most crucial first task for a webmaster. The chosen CMS will play a great role in defining how the particular website is created as well as what tools will be available for creating a desired website.

Here are a few advantages that WordPress has over the gamut of CMSes that are currently available and sets it apart from them:

Speed of development: The speed with which WordPress comes out with its multitudes of minor and major upgrades is unmatched in the CMS market. Additionally, WordPress makes it extremely convenient to update both the core and complimentary plugins. The presence of an agile WordPress application development community ensures that upgrades are readily available.

Greater Security: At one point of time, websites built on WordPress faced the maximum number of hacks and security issues. Today however, with the availability of many security plugins for WordPress which makes the work of managing the security even simpler, WordPress is once again the most widely used CMS.

Higher Flexibility: The idea behind creating WordPress was to be able to utilize plugins to create just about any type of website that a webmaster might need. WordPress which no longer remains a simple blogging platform, has graduated into the most powerful CMS that can be used to create full-fledged websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, and even membership sites

Search-Engine Friendliness: Only a few content management systems have the advantage of being search engine friendly. WordPress, with its library of plugins has been designed specifically to be search engine friendly. This allows for amazingly fast load times coupled with a lightweight core which makes adjusting the settings of particular websites to meet the needs of search engines easy.

Smaller learning curve: Compared to other Content Management Systems, WordPress seems to have a much smaller learning curve. The back-end is designed to be very intuitive and user friendly which helps to download and install plugins from inside the dashboard. The ease of updating the core and plugins with a single click and the flexibility of having the updates notified on the dashboard whenever they are available substantially helps in making it the CMS of choice.

Less Resource Consuming: WordPress consumes less server resources than any other available CMS and does not load the server as such.

If you finally choose WordPress as your desired CMS, then you may seek WordPress experts who would help you set up your site in time with full functionality. We would be glad to assist if you hire our expert WordPress development services.

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