Why WordPress makes a better option than HTML?


The reason behind the shift in technology used to design a website is slow speed. Websites designed in HTML have to load the same code on each page, which affects their speed. As a solution to this problem, the concept of PSD to WordPress conversion was introduced.

Apart from being an ideal blogging platform, WordPress helps create a perfect website. Transforming a static HTML website to a dynamic one offers myriad benefits. Here are the reasons why WordPress is a better option as compared to HTML.

A dynamic platform

A traditional website in HTML is designed with multiple lines of hard code and a number of pages. Each page means having an HTML file with the same layout as well as design. On the contrary, when talking about a WordPress website, it is relatively easier to create, update, and manage. This has led to the increase in its use, and it has turned out to be a preferred option as compared to static HTML.

WordPress has been developed to publish purposes with plethora of functions embedded in the platform, making it a dynamic approach.

Ease of work

Owing to the dynamic community available round the clock, WordPress offers ease of use. The flexibility to choose from multitude of themes and additional plugin facilitates website development. Themes not only offer a definite look to plugins and websites, but they also help add definitive features to a website. WordPress makes coding easier and less technical, which is why a large number of beginners prefer to choose this platform.

24*7 support

WordPress has a vibrant community of developers to guide the beginners through any issues. An open-source platform, it allows the users to contribute and release new updates that help other users to stay notified about what’s new. The constant support from the developers offers a great experience to beginners, and this is one of the biggest reasons that this content management system has been accepted by almost every mobile product development Chandigarh.

Perfect in SEO-friendliness

Any website designed in WordPress is SEO-friendly as the platform serves search engines. The WordPress features enable search engines to crawl a website and accumulate required information. Owing to these features, search engines can add any particular website in their database. Not only this, WordPress offers a large number of security features that help in website optimization in accordance to SEO guidelines.

The main motive behind Search Engine Optimization is to make a website appear on top in search engine results pages, and this is what WordPress helps you with. It offers plugins that help make a website more search engine friendly.

Customizable website

WordPress offers a flexibility to customize your website as per the design and chosen theme. The platform can be chosen to design exceptional websites according to the needs and preferences of businesses. The functions can also be modified for the benefit of the business.

Theme customization might look complicated initially, but it can be accomplished easily with the help and support of professionals who can guide you through the process post comprehending your needs and preferences

Easy setup for mobile responsive

Today, when majority websites are viewed on mobile devices, there is an indispensable need to make your website responsive to be easily accessed across different mobile devices. This is when WordPress comes as handy. It enables you to choose from different mobile responsive themes and plugins that help make a website mobile responsive easily. Of course, you need a mobile responsive design to accomplish the job. Considering that WordPress offers plentiful options to make a website mobile responsive without any hassle, it has become a preferred choice among developers.

More visitors

WordPress enables you to add content on your website frequently, and when this happens, the number of new and repeat visitors coming to your site increases. People like what you contribute to web and are interested in knowing when and what you add more. This is when RSS feeds help in bringing users to your website. They trigger your previous visitors to read the content you update.

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