Why You Should Create a Blog For Affiliate Marketing


Blogging is a great way to promote your affiliate product, and can potentially help you make thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing.

A blog is like a website, except it can be hosted on a blog hosting site such as wordpress of blogger, so you do not have to pay for the domain name or monthly hosting. In other words,it can be free to use. You can choose from a different number of preset template designs, or you can customize the designs and make your own.

Even though it’s possible to use free blogging platforms I advice to host your blog on
your own domain and hosting. This way you will avoid your blog being deleted because most of blog platforms don’t allow affiliate links. A least this is what they
claim because deleting doesn’t happen often but once you have a good blog you wouldn’t like to wake up one day and see that your blog is not there anymore.

Once you have the blog set up, then you can start creating content for it. Since you can make as many blogs as you want, you should have each blog focus on a specific niche or product. For example, one blog should focus on making money while another should focus on weight loss. You want to separate your blogs this way in order to make it easier for them to rank high in Google.

Next, you should find some good keywords that are related to your selected topic, then start writing articles based on these keywords. For best results, try to make your articles around 300-500 words. It’s up to you how many articles you want to write, but usually 5-10 articles should be enough.

Now you are going to want to post one article a day up onto your blog, and find a good blog pinging site like ping-o-matic to alert the major blog directories of your blog, and wait for the traffic and affiliate sales to roll in.

Creating a blog is still one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make money online. It will appear high in search engine results. And organic traffic converts much better than the one from paid advertising.

Another advantage over PPC is that blogs seem to be more personal. If your blog is good and you are a specialist at the niche you write about, you will appear as an authority and people will be happy to buy the product you recommend.

So, don’t wait, start your affiliate blog today.

David Kowalsky is an experienced Internet Marketer. Visit his Affiliate Marketing blog where he offers free training materials for anybody who wants to start IM career.

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