WordPress SEO and Plugins – What You Ought To Know


Back in the old days, it was assumed that to have a website, you had to be a Greek who could sit down, throw together some semblance of hypertext markup language and if you were good enough, maybe have a website that attracted lots of people. Of course, in those days, search engines were not designed to attract a lot of content. There were no such things as RSS feeds and every page was handcrafted for the content that existed on it.

Gone are the days when people should have some degree of understanding of the code to put the site in web. Today you can use the wordpress to rank your website. Using wordpress for your blogging or content management system comes with some advantages, including that wordpress is designed to function well with search engines. Here are few wordpress SEO’s benefits:

WordPress with developer friendly allows you to use the latest SEO Plugins. Whether you want to submit a sitemap on Google, want to edit the metadata around a post or want to alert Google news every time you post, there are plugins for all. With over 10,000 plugins available at present time, you can use an advanced and eager plugin ecosystem to help power your blog. Among the variety of plugins, SEOPressor is the best. It allows you to modify your website such as change in colors of theme, background and font colors. You can change the complete look of your website by this SEOpressor.

SEOPressor Plugin allows you to setup page title/description templates for any post-type, create XML sitemaps, verify your Google and Bing webmaster tools account, and edit your .htaccess directly as well as effortlessly. It also automatically adds alt attribute and title tags to any images that don’t have them. You can identify weak content on your site. It also lets you create unique quotation for your archive and category pages that are different than the single posts.

The plugin will enable you know the keyword density giving you the consequences in percentage. It let you know if you need much more or want to remove some, thus avoiding key phrase spamming. This will depart your internet pages with the great equilibrium of text and loads key phrases in the textual content.

Well that’s all I have for you about SEOPressor and wordpress. Yet you are not sure of its benefits, read SEOPressor review. You’ll surely get idea why people prefer this amazing plugin.

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