WordPress Website Development Tips for Small Companies in Texas


Texas is a growing state where small companies are struggling to get more business and developing a website seems one of the simplest solutions. However, with innumerable IT companies, even more suggestions and a wide difference between their quotations it become very confusing for these non-savvy businesspersons to decide whom to award the project. So, here is a simple guide for you.

The most confusing part in developing a website is the technology. With the advent of new technologies you have lots of options to choose from. Be it custom technologies like PHP, Java, ASP.Net or a framework like WordPress, Magento, Joomla or anything else you can select one as per your requirements. But, what are the major differences among these? Here are some major differences from reputed website development company in Texas.

This is one of the most popular CMS framework that is generally used to develop informative website, online brochure, blog, image website and so on. The best part that attracts people to WordPress is availability of hundreds of free theme. However, the other benefits is high stability, excellent performance, super-easy website management and of course the cost effectiveness.

While it comes to developers, they get help of always-active forums where they can get all kind of support of other experts. Another thing that we can’t overlook is the availability of thousands of free and useful plugins. It helps the developers to integrate robust functions without any need to write complex coding.

If any user wants a shopping site, they don’t need to invest huge in those high-end shopping cart platforms. WordPress has shopping cart features and thus by making minor changes one can convert into a shopping portal with almost every feature that one requires in a general shopping website.

Are you looking for a high-end yet affordable website design services in Dallas for your new eCommerce? Isn’t WordPress looking fine for the purpose? Well, Magento is here for all kinds of high end shopping site requirements with custom functions and features. It truly is a robust eCommerce platform that equips the developer with lots of unique and superb options to create advanced functions to grab the visitors and convert them into customers.

When it comes to the owner, they get an easy user interface to manage their products, price, details, shipping, deals, checkout and so on. The best part of Magento is it offers high security, excellent stability and awesome performance. With high scalability you can add new pages, features and functions later on to keep your strategy up to date without the need to do huge change in the coding.

Which is better?
While WordPress beats Magento with attractive package and less development time, Magento becomes important when you want some complex custom functions. Also, if you are expecting a herd of traffic every day, you must take care about the stability of the website which Magento can confirm. Rest, it is better you discuss with your vendor.

Mr. Denny Clovis, the author of this technical and informative article works in a reputed website development company in Texas who suggests WordPress for all major types of informative and low-end shopping sites.